Letizia Accinelli ‘Life’ Fri 21st July 2017


Join Nia trainer Letizia Accinelli in Burntisland for a routine immersion for teachers (and belts) plus an extended class for EVERYbody with the Nia routine ‘Life’!

The focus of LIFE is to sense ones ‘life force’ and how each Nia move, song, cycle and choreography can come alive through the engagement of the body’s core. The intent of LIFE is to enliven the chakra centers, simplify, slow down and stay longer in each movement while embodying the ‘learn-move-energize’ three-step process each time you dance to it.

In our bodies, this renewal process happens all the time – new tissue forms and cells are created. Let’s dance the sensation of LIFE with Nia and celebrate that we can reset, renew and rediscover our own LIFE every day.

Here’s the routine trailer: https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=spigot-chr-gcmac&p=nia+now+life+routine+trailer#id=1&vid=e05c8d653b00d95e43b8e2c7a6ad1db7&action=click

Life Extended Class for EVERYbody 9 – 11am
What will this class be like? Learn the katas- the basic moves of the routine for one hour – followed by the complete class. Open to EVERYbody. £20 / £18 advance booking by Friday 14th July

Life Teachers Immersion 9am – 4pm
£70 / £60 advance booking by Friday 14th July
Learn the katas, freedance the music, do the bars and team teach!
Open to Nia Teachers and Belt Graduates.

To book, please message Island Moves on Facebook or contact Karen directly karensmallnow@yahoo.co.uk